• This Warranty covers any defect revealed during the period of upto 180 days ( HiS – 60 Days, ViS – 90 Days, ZiS -180 Days ) since the date of purchase.
  • The product is considered defective if it breaks or crack.
  • Warranty covers only iWishKart Screen Guard product.
  • Warranty does not cover any defect on product on which it is applied.
  • User has to claim warranty from below link:
  • User has to pay delivery charges ₹98.
  • Company has all rights reserves to charge the Warranty beneficiary with the costs of service, transportation, insurance and custom clearance if the defect does not fall within the scope of this Warranty or the device has not been proven defective.
  • Company reserves the right to refuse to provide any Warranty services if it would result in a breach of applicable laws.
  • User can claim warranty maximum 2 times.

Why are there delivery charges if product under warranty

To make selling price competitive, our price model does not include any charges for warranty in selling price and for best customer experience, we apply delivery charges on warranty claims only.

How can i claim warranty?

Please raise you request on Warranty Claim page.

What is the next step after claiming warranty?

Team will verify submitted information. Once it will be approved, they will connect with customer to pay delivery charges and after successful payment, courier details will be shared for live tracking.